Hello and Welcome!

I am so glad you are here. Whether you are an active homeschooling family, newly partaking in homeschooling or considering it for the first time, you have come to the right place. Why? Because I am able to provide you with answers to beginning homeschool questions, provide you with resources to assist you and the virtual support that can be helpful during this time.

Raising caring children who are compassionate, responsible, goal oriented and happy can be challenging at times. What is your biggest wish for your homeschool journey? Your biggest challenge? Your greatest joy?

When I first began homeschooling, and sometimes now, I feel like I am in a race against time. The reality is you will never learn or teach everything, but there is so much to learn together and much fun to be had, so just enjoying spending time together has become my focus.

My goal for this website is to provide a platform where you can come, take a few deep breaths and as a result of something you see, read or hear that will encourage or motivate you and inspire you to keep going or begin the journey.

Time is very valuable and needed when we homeschool. Some may feel isolated, question if we are doing the right thing while others of us work overtime to provide a seemingly perfect everything homeschool. The reality is that there is no perfection, we just all work very hard to do the very best that we can day in and day out.

I ask that you spread the word and tell me what you want from me and this website as we grow together. I will work diligently to provide you meaningful things that you can use and share in your homeschooling experience.

Embrace the process and enjoy the journey!


Meet Sara

Dearhomeschoolmom.com was created by Sara Williams. Sara decided to home educate her youngest two children after teaching for over twenty years. Sara is able to provide you with homeschool assistance in the areas of: Assessing, Consultations, Teaching Strategies and a variety of other homeschool resources.

Mom’s Rock! Period.

Hi! I’m Sara and I am the creator of DearHomeschoolmom.com

Dear Homeschool Mom (DHSM) is all about holistic care for mom and celebrating her greatness in the midst of it ALL! I will share resources that I hope you find will bring a smile, some encouragement, celebrates living your life out loud with dreams shared, challenges and the oops’ of life. I want a community of homeschool mom’s who will visit DHSM and find useful tips in the area of finance, health and your child’s education. Whether you’re new to homeschooling, a veteran, are bringing your kids home from school or looking to send them back, this is the platform for you.

I am a mom of three and began homeschooling my two youngest children by bringing them home officially to home educate at the end of their first and third-grade. Many people thought I was crazy to leave my teaching career and to leave at the height of my career, but I had to do what was in the best ineterst of my children and that best thing was homeschooling.

I am a licensed teacher, educational consultant and education advocate.  Why Dear Homeschool Mom? Simply because mom’s matter. Homeschooling can be challenging and mom often forgets to value herself, hold fast to her dreams and her needs, so Dear Homeschool Mom celebrates the homeschooling mother, shares resources to hopefully make her life easier and reminds her to take care of herself unapologetically.


  • Sara is absolutely amazing and I know I wouldn’t have been able to homeschool my children without her. She’s extremely knowledgable, resourceful and you can tell that she’s truly passionate about providing children and their parents with the tools they need to be successful in homeschooling. I highly recommend working with Sara no matter where you’re at on your homeschooling journey.


    Siobhan Sudberry (BeFree Project)
  • Sara Williams has been an amazing support as I prepare my family for future homeschooling. When the idea first came to mind that this may be what my children need, fear and hesitancy immediately came with it. Thankfully, Sara made her services available to me to consult and talk through what homeschooling may look like in MY home and provided me with resources that would help my family transition from private and traditional school to home school. Each consultation with Sara helped to put me at ease and gave me a greater awareness of what to expect in my homeschooling journey. I would encourage anyone considering homeschooling to reach out to Sara as she shares knowledge and encouragement for the future home school parent!


    Rachel Scott (Mother of 7, Founder of Better Than Blended)
  • I know that I haven’t known you for very long, but in the span of one year I have been blessed to know you. The first planning meeting I went to last year was so amazing! When I heard about the co-op I didn’t know what to expect, so I was very pleased to meet an educator with a wealth of knowledge and who truly wanted the best for each child. Well organized, well rounded, and sensitive to everyone’s personal, religious, and teaching styles, I knew you were leading an awesome and diverse co-op that I wanted to be a part of.

    Through this year I have seen how you delegate and use the gifts of all parents, making us all feel welcome and useful. I never feel like the leadership is too heavy, pressing ideas on the rest of us. It is truly a cooperative of parents all wanting the best for our kids and willing to share our gifts with others. This can only happen when the leadership champions and encourages this type of environment.

    Since its only been a short time, I look forward to tapping into your wealth of knowledge even more in the years to come! Thank you so much for your commitment to others and your true love for education. I am comfortable having my kids there because I know they are being led by someone with good morals who has their best interest in mind.

    I could say so much more, Sara, but since my time is short right now I will just say thank you so much and may God truly bless all that your hands decide to do. You are truly gifted and a woman of God.

    Nina Palmer
    Nina Palmer
  • Who Cares?

    I do! Let’s face it, the choice to home educate is not always an easy decision, nor is it always easy to execute. Dear Homeschool Mom is a platform for new home educating families who are looking for information to help them decide if homeschooling is for them or for the mom who is currently homeschooling and looking for a fresh approach to homeschooling.  As a mom, teacher, health advocate and family finance specialist, I am able to help moms in all three of these areas to help make homeschooling not as stressful.

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