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This was the year I realized that I am homeschooling me. Yes, I educate my children daily, but some things transpired this year that taught me a lot about myself. I decided that I needed to homeschool for a multitude of reasons and never declared it would be an easy task. Yet throughout this journey, I found that you can burn out very quickly, the children can burn out very quickly and the best laid plans will fail you. I fell off of the schedule wagon earlier on and never returned and that worked out for us. My portfolios are not fancy, I do not try to be perfect or put on a show to prove how awesome our home educating experience is. Instead, I look for the beauty in all things (a view learned from one of my children) and believe that each day gets better and better. Here are just a few things that you may be able to relate to as I reflect on our homeschool year.

You may not have support from family or friends, but you can still get the job done well.
Someone is always going to ask the kids “No school today?”
Being true to yourself takes time, but you will get there if you make a conscious and bold effort to know yourself
Build your own tribe-it is necessary-but they must be a reflection of your best self
You can build a homeschool co-op, work from home, work outside of the home and still homeschool effectively. I did!
It’s okay to change up your homeschooling methodology as much as you want and need to
“Structure” can be a bad word and “No” is not a bad word. “No” can actually bring you fulfillment
You do not need to purchase curriculum and can still homeschool in peace
Journaling rocks and Planning can be helpful
Self-care is a priority
A positive mindset is a must
Curriculum is not what you teach but how you teach
You don’t have to deliberately and purposefully teach your children for them to learn
My children teach me life lessons daily
Do you and that’s good enough. It’s a situation of the soul
Early risers get the most of their day. I’m still trying!
Stop saying you’re sorry for every little thing-because you are apologizing unnecessarily
There is a Disease to Please and there is a cure (
What you want is not always what you need and what you need is not always what you want
Parenting is how God looks at us with patience, love, forgiveness, tons of favor and helping us to see the big picture when all we want to do is cry, yell and pout
Callings on your life seldom make sense to you and most certainly not to others
The best field trips are the ones parents enjoy too
Do not try to explain anything to anyone-especially when it comes to why you decided to homeschool. Keep it simple: “It was a good choice for our family.” though you want to say “It’s none of your business!”
Social media-enough said!
Marriage, money, success- are not examples of saving graces-“His” grace is sufficient for thee 2 Cor: 12:9 “But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.”
Choose joy
Acquired friendships can arise in ways that you least expect
Children are gifts and angelic voices from heaven-reminders of ourselves and how we act and think-even as adults
I had stinkin’ thinkin’ and Crashed the Chatterbox while on a Freeway
Strongholds on your life can be broken off of your life
I am greater than I ever thought I was
Leaving others behind mentally, emotionally, spiritually, is sometimes necessary and is more than alright if you are fulfilling what you are called to do and need to do in order to live the life you were meant to live
My God is greater than anything that tries to steal my thoughts and make me do things that are self-destructive and contrary to things that will keep me from living the life I am supposed to live
Homeschooling is not for the faint of heart and your kids might make you question why you decided to home educate more often than not
Stop second guessing and overthinking everything
All of the books in the bible are my favorite book of the bible
It’s never too late to do something better
My favorite tea is Chai
I like tea better than coffee-don’t you?
I could go on for hours, but know that you get the point. The truth is we are all acrobats and sometimes lose our way trying to do tricks like juggling everything everyday just to survive and provide the best things for our children. Sometimes we put on a show that is not entertaining to ourselves nor to others, so why bother? This journey could very easily be not about the education you are providing for your children nor the sacrifices that often accompany the decision, but more about who you are and will become as a result of this journey. Enjoy the rest of the year, planning, and praying as you gain even greater clarity into the brilliance and beauty of yourself and this homeschooling journey.

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