On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

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When I first began my homeschooling journey, I had no idea what I was doing. Though I was a tenured Master Teacher with two degrees in education and a classroom teacher with twenty years of practical hands on experience, none of that even mattered and I was glad oddly enough. I realized that the homeschool community is one that is tight knit depending upon the area in which you reside, and the resources are not always broadcast to you. For me there was a lot to discover and I found myself quite lost in comparing myself with other homechooling mothers who represented such organization, such beauty and splendor, such seemingly apparent perfection in all that they were doing with their children. There I was, feeling most inadequate having schooled at least a thousand children in my entire adult life. There was no guide, no one giving me what to teach, no tenured group of mom’s cheering me on; I was by myself.

I found that joining Facebook and becoming an active participant of the FB family was helpful. As I searched high and low for social media homeschool/unschool groups who would share what they were doing, strategies, curriculum and invites to activities and field trips, it was difficult filtering through them all. There was no open co-op to join, few libraries supported the homeschooling community, it still was perceived strange to homeschool and what I thought I was so sure of, became a daily question of “What in the world have I done?”

My desire is to illustrate the lessons I learned along this journey. I want to share and provide you with resources and answers so that you can pay forward to other families who are also on this journey. Sometimes this home educating choice has a tendency to cause angst and joy simultaneously. Some days you may even feel as though you are on a deserted island, with just you and your family. Perhaps in search of assistance, you write on the sand or yell for help as loudly as possible awaiting your S.O.S. As a home educating mom, I hear you loud and clear and help is on the way! I will throw you the life preserver of resources and pull with the rope of encouragement to help guide you safely to where you need to go.

The hope is that the foundation you receive here will lead you to smooth sailing for at least part of your journey. Pay it forward as you go and celebrate the small victories with us! We are cheering you on. You’ve got this, so..on your mark, get set…go!

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