Oops I did It Again!

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Guilty moment everyone! Why, oh why, can someone please tell me, do I keep reverting back to my old thought patterns as it relates to home educating expectations?

Expectations are “alright” and you want to share the desired outcome of your home educating journey with your children. Or do you? Hmmmmm. However, sometimes it may be that we come across as punitive or pushy. I do have standards and things that “MUST” be done like math and reading daily. I do promote daily writing, though it does not always occur. (Note: It is necessary to point out is that I do not succumb or embrace just one methodology of homeschooling.)

My children have been in school before and I was a school teacher, so our experience has skewed our outlook on home educating. Right or wrong, I do not know for sure, but I do know that one day, if my children decide to attend college, they will need to complete some sort of entrance exam, that will score them, and dictate whether they gain entry into college, how much financial assistance they may receive and classes they may be able to register for. They are indirectly competing for entry. However, if they decide not to attend, why then, who really cares?

Is it wrong to have expectations? No. Is it wrong to add unnecessary stress to your children for the sake of fulfilling your own preconceived notions as to what their time learning should “look like” or how others may view your children? I say “Yes”.

Learning that home educated children, like infants, will often instinctually let you know how they are feeling about learning (ie. complaining, crying, avoidance), what they want to learn, how they want to learn it and what they believe is in their best interest. This is something that takes patience in digesting and understanding often times. In studying the fruits of the spirit in the Holy Bible over the weekend, I am clear that this is not yet one of my strong suits. I will keep trying and allow this journey to take on its own life and attempt to stay focused on my job: to raise happy, healthy, productive human beings.

Share out! Do you have any expectations within your home educating journey for your children? What is your desired outcome for your children?

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