Happy Tuesday!

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How’s your week been going so far? Yesterday was only Monday and I thought it was like Wednesday or Thursday already. When we work as hard as we do as homeschooling parents, it’s easy to lose track of the days. Another reason I sometimes lose track is due to a lack of outlets. I do not have many outlets, minimal familial support and don’t really have a “clan” or “tribe” that I affiliate with often. I have been blessed with a few special girls in my life who are present for me to speak with on the phone, but not swap kids with for a time out or me time.  I decided that I would begin finding a little bit of peace in the midst of business. This week I encourage you to tap into your creative side, the things or that one thing that brings you the most joy. In the midst of planning, preparing and praying your way through the week, take a few minutes to bring yourself that which brings you the most joy.

It is often easy to forget our old dreams and passion, what we once thought we would do as adults from childhood. As not only adults, but parents in particular, we can lose sight of our talents, our goals and our dreams of yesteryear. I encourage you this week to dust off your those cobweb covered dreams and goals, bring them back to the forefront and take a few minutes to examine and even try to rekindle at least one of those “things”.

  1. Share that “thing” with someone who cares about you
  2. Ask yourself what happened to thwart that “thing” in your life
  3. Think about ways to ignite that “thing” that makes you feel alive and beyond excited

My “thing” is singing. I love to sing and I think that I am good at doing it. I used to sing for hours at a time, pre-momhood, that is. I stopped making time to practice singing and so I decided to stop. It is my passion, my peace, my calm and I love doing it.

What is that “thing” that you are going to pick back up and go full throttle towards unapologetically with vigor and passion? When we live out loud and exhibit our passions, our children will follow.


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