Homeschooling on a Budget

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When there’s more end of the month than money and all the bills say “past due” but you are determined to see homeschooling through no matter what, what do you do? What about wanting to homeschool and you really need two incomes but only have one? What if you are a single parent and you want to homeschool but need to provide for your family by working outside of the home?

As a mom who understands all of these realities and the frustration that can ensue, I would like to share a few suggestions that I can share that have helped me along the way:

-Shop at consignment/thrift stores~ Be mindful that you are getting the best deal possible, but that is for certain a great way to save money. Children grow so fast so why bother spending oodles if you don’t have to?

-Hand me downs rock~ Self explanatory

-Cut coupons~ Need I say more? It is also good to try to catch double coupon days in stores when possible. For many, this has become a phenomenon and people will stock pile things that would last through the apocalypse (if thats even possible)! Get the things that you need and pass by the things that you don’t. Your home is most likely cluttered enough with extras from your homeschooling journey, so why add extra if you don’t need to?

-Make what you can ~ From food to clothes, whatever you can make, do make. It is often cheaper than purchasing pre-made things.

-Sell, sell, sell~ You are probably more creative than you know! Sell things that you create, even if you think you can’t or it is not going to sell. It very well could and you never know until you try.

-Become an Affiliate~ Amazon and other companies have opportunities available for folks looking to make a few extra bucks through affiliate programs.

-Host an event~…and charge for it! You are an expert on something and can host something that speaks to a targeted audience. Select the topic, get a venue (for free if you investigate enough) and charge for the ticket. There are many ticket creation sites that will assist you in this endeavor. It’s fun and could bring you a few extra dollars.

-Work from home~Whether it’s babysitting, baking/cooking from home and selling the items, working on-line for any number of companies offering at home work positions, there are many opportunities to work from home that still allow you to homeschool.

-Work outside of the home~Homeschooling and working are not a popular pair.  However, I have seen working full-time and homeschooling full time work. Whether it’s changing your work shift to accommodate the your homeschool schedule or linking up with another homeschooling family who is willing to also school your children, anything is possible.

-Start your own business~Usually not a cheap endeavor, but often worthwhile and sometimes lucrative. Do the homework, plan and pray and if you truly want it, you will do it and make it happen for yourself.

So many options, so much time right? Not! So pick one or two and focus on those things and let’s see how it goes. Keep me posted & share any suggestions you have on your mind, have tried or witnessed as having worked for other families.  -Sara

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