The Summer of Self

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We are in the month of June and the official first day of summer is around the corner.  What are your plans for the kids? Better yet, what are your plans for yourself? Summer is the perfect time to regroup mentally, emotionally and physically.  I’m sure a number of homeschooling families are planning fervently for the fall, but in all of the planning mom’s, do not forget to plan for yourself. That means planning things that are mom specific, mom edifying, mom empowering and mom up-lifting.  You are worth it and you need to remember that if you are not your best, then you may find yourself missing out on the true joys of homeschooling.

I want to take a minute to be honest. The past few years have been quite challenging for me as a mom, entrepreneur and wife.  Are there any emotional challenges you have faced within your lifetime? At some point in time I’m sure we all do.  Let me get terribly transparent and share a few items you may be able to relate to:

  •  Keeping true feelings repressed
  • Saying “no” to people and things that were not adding value to my existence
  • Procrastinating or overthinking
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Not feeling valued in relationships
  • Living in a state of constant fear of the unknown coupled with anxiety
  • Taking peoples suggestions and implementing them within applicable life ventures without listening to my own inner voice
  • Feelings of inadequacy and a perceived (often times true) lack of support from others
  • Being overly apologetic or apologizing for no reason
  • Trying be all things to all people all of the time (A.K.A. “Mrs. Fixit”)
  • (My husband finds this one interesting)~Holding the belief that I am leaving my spouse behind if I move forward with any given thing thereby setting myself up to live in the realm of complacency, indecisiveness and anger

Some of these struggles are unique to me, but many are not. Being honest about these things puts them at the forefront of recognition and thereby can be addressed and fixed. When I examined these issues I realized that they were all a direct result of placing other peoples well-being before my own. As mothers, it is beyond important to be the best version of ourselves possible unapologetically. Just because we love on ourselves a little bit more does not make us selfish or imply that we care any less for others. Self-love is your first love. Let’s take time over the next few months to be true to ourselves through self-care, finding life giving freedom through experiencing all the greatness that life has to offer, have honest conversations with people about how we feel and be in love with the woman God made you to be be. You are wonderful, powerful, beautiful, confident, empowered and more than the best that life has to offer. Let’s celebrate being you this summer and every day of your life. ~



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