The Working Homeschool Mom

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The Working Mom and Homeschooling 

Can it be done? Quite possibly

If you are called to do something you will be equipped to do it.

Will it be easy? Not necessarily, but if can be easier if you follow these tips.

Keys to Making it Work:

Prep for Success

Pre-plan for the week on the weekend: meals (prep stuff), clothes, lessons, classes outside of the home, lessons/extra curricular activities, schedule for the week. Hang it up in multiple places (paper calendars and planners still work well), have it on your phone/computer as well.

Once that is all done:

Rise early


Plan for the day

You time (exercise, meditate, journal, read your word, something encouraging-spiritual up-liftment and knowing that you are not in control of this thing, a higher power is is the key. Be willing to let go and let God. “The universe” (which had to be created by something-but I digress) has a way of giving you great things if you truly believe that greatness can happen for you. )

Prep the kids

Rushed and hurried adds more stress and breaks the morale for the day. Try really hard to start the day off a positive note for you and your family.

Write down your plans for the day for yourself and for your family as applicable.

Working outside the home-part time or full-time-No matter what shift you work~

Have you considered having someone to watch your children during the day while you work? Perhaps even partnering with another homeschooling family who is willing to school your child as well?

Your child and the provider will have learning expectations while your are away. This makes it a no-brainer as to what you want your child to do in your absence.

You provide lessons to complete while your child is with their provider and they are obviously able to interact with the provider.

During the day they work, take breaks, and be ready for extra curricular and additional play time when you arrive home.- This person may also be able to take your child to various classes and lessons offered throughout the day as well.

Do NOT feel guilty for working. You working is one of the many ways you are providing greatness for your family.

Be sure to check your childs work with consistency and be excited about the learning they will share with you. Actively engaging with them is very important. Providing them with an opportunity to engage with you during your time together is full supplement of whatever moments you may be missing within the day.

Working from Home:

Set the tone together for the day. Choose to rise early together or separately.

IF you rise early, the previous shared items would still apply to you.

Many homeschooling families do not use a schedule, but having a schedule, checklist, or a planner-but only 1 selected tool as to not overwhelm

When you are woking from home do not feel obligated to be a helicopter parent. Please be fair to yourself and to your children by designating specific times and tasks that are applicable to both you and your child.

Work together in the same area or be in the vicinity of each other. If they have questions as they are working, they can circle it or write and share it with you later if you are not available right away.

Give yourself a designated amount of time in increments before checking in with your children. If you work for hours at a time that may work a few ways:

cause them feeling ignored or you feeling guilty, so set a timer if this is the case. However, setting goals, establish timing for children with the use of a timer, written goals, visualizing what finished products should look like and establishing clear expectations as to when a lesson should be completed are all ways to establish great work ethic and organization to your child’s life.


This special designated time helps them gain greater sense of independence, helps them to solve problems independently and provides them time to complete a number of tasks before you review work with them.

What about this idea? Sometimes, it may be easier to homeschool after all of your work is done for the day. If that is the case, be mindful of the time you school your children which is one of the many beauties of homeschooling.

Children can actually sleep later and complete chores, read, journal, play, attend classes and lessons (work while they attend these things if possible), explore during the time you are working and then when you are finished working, then you homeschool.

This concept is known as “Reverse Scheduling” and it works for many homeschooling families.

Never feel guilty for trial and error. We model problem solving skills for out children and demonstrate what mistakes look like. Home is the mistake factory for all parties involved. All we can do is try, and we will be better for it.

If you are planning a business and your children are able to partake in that, what an added treat. Teaching your children the components of entrepreneurship and modeling what that looks like is an amazing memorable real world experience. Think of all that your child is learning as they observe you model what business building looks like.

Whichever of these examples fit you, remember that home educating is what you make it,  it is what works best for you and your family. Single mom, married, working full-time, part-time, outside of the home or at home, homeschooling can work with purpose, planning, prayer and perseverance.

But above all…keep you first! If you are no good, homeschooling is no good. Celebrate you, be kind to yourself and never doubt that you are doing great things as a mom!


Dear Homeschool Mom

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