Can We Be Honest?

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If you could share at least three things that would have made your homeschool journey a bit easier, what would those things be?

My List 

  • Better overall support
  • Knowing when to stop doing so much
  • Having a resource like Dear Homeschool Mom (I guess I’m being partial)

As I reflect back over the past few years of homeschooling for my family, there were many days when I needed a non-judgemental support system around me that was not going to attempt to fix or over analyze me or read too much into my actions or read my face! (That drives me crazy!) Just help a sista’ out in some form or fashion and even try asking how you can be of assistance because currently, pride had jumped ship.

Could someone in my circle please just help in some form or fashion and this time I promise pride has jumped ship and I will accept whatever you have to offer. How many times has pride gotten in the way of you receiving assistance? Never again!

Real Life

There are so many life situations that occur when we homeschool ranging from tiny incidents to life altering situations. Our children are present watching, observing how we do “real life” daily. Some days, we are not our best,  but what I know for sure is that if you are honest with your emotional state, the situations at hand and model for your children the best way possible to navigate through those circumstances, they will be better for it and in particular because they watched you muddle through it.

Tips for Self-Help

Here are a few tips that I would like to share with you on how to best deal with difficult situations and emotional unrest in the midst of homeschooling, minus pride.

  1. Find a great support system of some sort that will have your back no matter what. -This at times is hard especially when we are home during the day and perhaps those people are not. Therefore try to have the day time and the night time supports so your needs can be met 24-7.
  2. Seek counseling or therapy. -There is no shame in mental health issues and being cognizant and proactive in addressing mental health is necessary and one of the best gifts you can give to yourself.
  3. Exercise-Yoga or any aerobic activity has been proven to help reduce stress and improve mental clarity.
  4. Diet-Be mindful of caffeine, sugar or other triggers in your diet that makes you feel out of sorts. Dietary issues can cause all sorts of issues with your psyche so know your triggers and monitor yourself.
  5. Nature- Take time to go outside and bask in the sunshine, walk in the rain, take a walk, play with your kids…do something outdoors. There is something very amazing that happens when you connect with nature.
  6. Talk through it. – You get the picture!
  7. Pamper Session–  Give yourself self-care time. This does not have to be an expensive spa day, but something small that will provide you joy. Polish your nails, listen to your favorite music, watch something you love, and the list goes on. YOU select it and then do it!
  8. Back Off– Give Yourself permission to minimize. Take a time out and be very sincere in not doing something that is stressing you out or not giving you the time to take a personal time out. Providing your children time to discover and explore with minimal input from you but more time for you to observe how beautifully they are learning independently may be a part of your homeschool experience as you work through.

You are the pulse of your family and every single part of you is to be acknowledged, celebrated and cared for. Cheering for you always!-Sara


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