Who’s That Girl?

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Am I dating myself to ask who remembers the song and movie “Who’s That Girl” by Madonna? One of the most controversial recording artists of all time, Madonna was the “it” girl of the 80’s into the 90’s, but what made her controversial was her raw realness and refusal to conform to the rules of the game. She was and still is “that girl”. You know, the one who captivates and holds nothing back. What about you? Do you ask “who’s that girl?” when you look in the mirror or as you drive down the street listening to some child safe radio station or CD in the automobile you probably bought because it was a good family car, not the car you truly wanted? Don’t get me wrong, being a mother is an honor and the fruits of your womb are a blessing from the Lord. It’s just that sometimes we need a reality check to not forget about ourselves, our desires and who we truly are and what we were called to do before the beginning of time. Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones who is living that “thing” out right now and know like you know without a doubt you are living the life you always dreamed of and can simply stop reading this article immediately. Or, maybe you are that girl who needs a life app, #refresher  #reflect on this thing called life.

Let’s begin. Who is that girl, that woman, who are you?

What’s her name? Her real name, the name she would have named herself if she would’ve had a say on the day she was born?

What does she love to do and think about on most days when she’s not pretending to be something she really isn’t or settling to be, or that thing that monopolizes her days because it has to?

What is her style, her passion, her purpose?

What is her wildest fantasy?

What does she dream of doing and being?

What is that thing that gives her butterflies and why does it do that?

What is the one thing you knew you were supposed to do and supposed to go but didn’t?

What do each of these “me’s” represent for you?

Grateful Me

Independent Me

Happy Me

Joyful Me

Authentic Me

Abundant Me

Innovative Me

Celebrated Me

Bold Me

Healthy Me

Spiritual Me

Vulnerable Me

Free Me

Brave Me

Courageous Me

Transparent Me

Will the real you please step forward? Would you recognize her? Does she differ from the “you” you are currently? If so in what ways?

One of my children made a statement the other day as we were observing a few of the first newly fallen leaves, “It’s so cool that this leave is the color it was supposed to be all along, that’s it’s true color.”

Sometimes life is our chlorophyll and we are attached to a big tree called life and the things which have come to define and shape all of us as a woman, a mom and in every other role we play have caused us to lose our real “color”, our “flavor”, our “realness”. We aren’t necessarily fake, but we assimilate to expectations.

Take time to free fall within the next few weeks into the new year as the seasons fully change with cooling temperatures, shedding of the old and bringing in the new. Leave old things and embrace newness celebrating and revealing who you truly are in as many forms as you can unapologetically. Self-preservation mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually, physically, and relationally is the goal of simple authenticity and being all of the “me’s” listed within this blog. Take some time to reflect honestly and truly be you.

Shakespeare’s famous quote from Hamlet states, “Unto thine own self be true” while many a comedian and lyricist have shared, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”. There’s nothing funny about being unhappy, miserable, living a life of regret or existing on autopilot. Be happy, be you, be true.

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