Tug of War: Top 3 Signs That the Tide is Changing In Your Homeschool and What To Do About It

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Dear Homeschool Mom,

Did the title peek your interest? I deliberated what the title of this blog should be and decided that the “changing tide” would be a great description for what happens within any number of homeschools around the world. The old adage states things happens for a season, a second or a lifetime and another one shares you’re either in a storm, in one or coming out of one. Storms, tides and seasons may be adjectives to describe your homeschool now, in the past or in the future.

A number of moms have shared their concerns about not being at a place where home education is feeling uncomfortable and they are feeling torn about things that occur naturally within a homeschool environment. They feel like the tide is changing in their homeschool, do you? Here are the top 3 signs that the tide may be changing in your homeschool and what you can do to best accommodate the shift.

  1. Your children are getting older
  2. You no longer enjoy home educating
  3. Children are miserable

Do any of these 3 “tide changers” resonate with you? Let’s be clear that these tide changers do not mean that your home education life is over, nor does it mean that you are failing at home educating your children. What it means is that it is time to partake in honest reflection and asking the  hard questions in order to make the best decision for your family.

  1. If your children are getting older, ask what is best serving them currently during this time in their lives. Is what you are providing them providing what they need in order to fulfill them? Think about your philosophy of education and what your children want and most importantly again, what they need. Have the conversation with them and as a family.
  2. Are you absolutely burned out and the thought of ordering another curriculum, creating a unit, explaining another concept or taking yet another homeschool field trip brings heightened anxiety level and you to tears? Maybe you never wanted to formerly “teach” your children in the first place or the thought os being the “teacher” was so NOT what you had in mind. Then it is totally fine to examine your feelings, ask why you feel how you are feeling and make the move to do what makes the most sense and is in the best interest of your family.
  3. Enough said for miserable children. Miserable children make for miserable parents and vice versa. So how can you homeschool if you and the children are miserable? Identifying the disconnect and examining the matters of the heart can make a world of difference.  Getting support from family and friends, homeschool support resources and most importantly listening to your children may provide you with the insight needed to guide you to the next logical steps in gaining clarity and discovering the best way to turn misery into contentment.

When the going gets tough and the battle is on with the mental tug of war, take a few deep breaths, give yourself all the credit in the world for giving it your best and be open to examining the changing tides and keep riding the wave.

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