23 Questions To Ask Before You Join A Homeschool Co-op

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Dear Homeschool Mom,

Are you concerned about socialization for your homeschooled child, wanting to meet new homeschool families, looking for support, want to make adult friends, want classes and field trips but not send your child to school? These are just a few of the reasons families seek out homeschool co-ops. If you are thinking about joining a homeschool co-op, you may be wondering where to begin or wondering if a co-op is the best choice for your family.

One of the first things you may want to do is read this blog so you have a few key questions or points of interest to ask as you pursue finding the perfect co-op for your family. By getting these questions answered, you will be able to gain insight into the co-op and be able to determine which homeschool co-op will be the bets fit. You already know how much time you want to commit, how far you are willing to travel and what supports you desire in your homeschool life. Hopefully collecting answers to these questions and formulating your own will help solidify your decision to join a homeschool co-op.

  1. What is the age range of children in the co-op
  2. Is there an age requirement of the co-op
  3. How long has it been in existence
  4. When does the co-op meet
  5. Where do they meet (location and dwelling as applicable)
  6. What do weekly activities consist of
  7. What is the name and what does it represent as applicable
  8. Social Media-presence (FB, closed group or public)  
  9. What are the parental expectations of the co-op (parents as teachers or active observers, fingerprinted, background checks, etc.?)
  10. Who is the administrator of the co-op
  11. What is the parent dynamic? (are parents friendly, multi-cultural etc.)
  12. How is diversity exhibited within the group
  13. What is the number of families and is there a cap on that number
  14. Are there field trips
  15. What are parent expectations (active observers/participants and in what ways?)
  16. Cost (annual/monthly etc.)
  17. Drop off or Stay
  18. Is there a class schedule
  19. Class structure  (ex. Mixed ages, gender based, etc.)
  20. Is Food and snacks provided or bring own
  21. Is there a handbook, if so, What does it say
  22. Is there an attendance requirement
  23. Are there children/families with Allergies or Special Needs? (This may be especially important to you if your family has allergy or Special Needs specific requirements)

There may be more questions on your personal list, but these are a start. Here’s to helping you on your homeschool co-op search. -Sara, Dear Homeschool Mom

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