DHSM Consulting & Pricing

Dear Homeschool Mom.com was created to address a number of educational needs for parents. Though the main focus is self-preservation for the homeschooling mom, all parents are welcomed to contact me for their educational consulting needs. Consulting, including professional development, is offered for school districts, private schools, charter schools, childcares and businesses whose interest is in supporting children and families.

60 minute General Education Consultation: This package is for specific consultation needs and addresses topics for parents ranging from college preparatory questions to kindergarten readiness. IEP, 504 questions? Concerned about school testing? Interested in considering homeschooling or ready for your child to re-enter school?

Homeschool Consultation
60 minute Virtual/Phone Consultation
Family Specific Educational Needs
Homeschool 101 Tool Kit

Early Childhood Educator Consultation
Specific strategies and resources will be provided to best support the Early Childhood Educator whether in the classroom or as an At-Home Childcare provider.

Homeschool Bootcamp 101
“So I Want To Homeschool, So Now What?”
This 2-hour program is for families who want to homeschool their children and need to know the steps to take to make this goal a reality. Parents will spend time discussing every component of homeschooling to best meet the needs of their family. Parents who opt for this package will receive:
1-on-1 homeschool coaching & planning
Priority e-mail Q&A/phone assistance throughout initial homeschooling year
Complimentary Annual Portfolio Review

Portfolio Assessment Review Options
Homeschooling is unique in that every family dynamic yields specific educational dynamics. This may range from parents opting to take breaks every 6-9 weeks, while others keep going with no start or end point in mind. DHSM is able to meet each family’s needs by providing specific Pre-Portfolio Assessment Reviews for parents each quarter so parents do not have to wait until the end of the year to provide a compilation of all student work to the assessment table. Instead, the review takes place when the family breaks and reflects on the year to date. At the end of the year, the last review of the year will take place without the need to go over an entire year all at once. All other reviews within the year will be discussed, goals set for the next year and copies of all reviews shared with parents for their reference.

(Option 1)
Quarterly/Family Break Review
Cost: $50 per child per quarter

(Option 2)
Single Year End Portfolio Assessment (Virtual/In-Person)
$55 per child up to 3 children
Cost: $165 max/family

(Option 3)
Weekly Assessor check-in to support the family seeking assistance, a professional educational partnership and non-judgemental feedback

Lesson Planning Consultation
Lesson plan templates will be shared in addition to thematic unit topics selected by the family and instruction provided on how to create units. Includes scheduling and creative support

Professional Development/Speaking Engagement:
Contact for details

Create a Homeschool Co-op:
Interested in starting a homeschool co-op? Learn and receive all the tools that you need to begin the process and see it through to completion.

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