Who is DHSM?
Sara Williams is a teacher turned homeschool mom whose passion is education, supporting educators and working with homeschooling families. She is an educational consultant who is not anti-school but pro-education when done well and in the best interest of children. Sara is the creator of the Home Educators Alliance of Cleveland and hosts live and virtual events for school-based and homeschool families, educational professionals and organizations.

What is DHSM’s purpose?
Dear Homeschool Mom is the go to platform for parents interested in debunking homeschool myths and seeking pertinent information to empower their homeschool journey. DHSM supports education provided in the best interest of children ranging from homeschooling to traidtional brick and mortar schooling.

What does DHSM have to offer?
Offerings range from Homeschool Consultations to homeschool informational courses, parent professional development and other educational resources.

  • Professional Development (Elementary & Early Childhood Education Professionals)
  • Parent Workshops & Professional Development
  • Homeschool Assessor (Annual/Quarterly/Monthly, Weekly Check-ins)
  • Program Specific Consultations
  • Co-op Consultations & Creations
  • On-Line Courses
  • Camp Consultations & Planning
  • Parent Consultations
  • DHSM Events

I am a professional licensed teacher, homeschool co-op creator, homeschool mom who values all education and respects the decision families make regarding the best fit for their families education. I am uniquely positioned to speak from both the homeschool and school based perspective.  I have utilized both computer-based and traditional homeschool methods including but not limited to: eclectic, unschooling, deschooling, self-directed learning, Charlotte Mason and a few more in between. I have also been the mom who took her children to school for benchmark testing (computer based testing to gauge their level of learning and growth measures b.k.a. academic progress), utilized testing services for mail order tests and have opted to not test them at all at home, at a school or otherwise. Due to the vast amount of homeschool practices and learning every step of the way, I get it! I totally get homeschooling, but I also get being that mom who is concerned for her children while they are at school and needing and wanting more for them. Being an advocate, the PTA mom, the room parent, attending the conferences, getting calls from school, challenging the child academically and beyond, I understand. I am thankful for so many experiences that have landed me right here, right now to do this thing called life with all families who have a few commonalities no matter homeschooling or school-based and that is  wanting the best for their child and their education.

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