Who is DHSM?
Sara Williams is a teacher turned homeschool mom whose passion is education, supporting educators and working with homeschooling families.

What is DHSM’s purpose?
Dear Homeschool Mom is the go to platform for parents interested in debunking homeschool myths and seeking pertinent information to empower their homeschool journey. DHSM supports education provided in the best interest of children ranging from homeschooling to traidtional brick and mortar schooling.

What does DHSM have to offer?
Offerings range from Homeschool Consultations to homeschool informational courses, parent professional development and other educational resources.

  • Professional Development (Elementary & Early Childhood Education Professionals)
  • Parent Workshops & Professional Development
  • Homeschool Assessor (Annual/Quarterly/Monthly, Weekly Check-ins)
  • Program Specific Consultations
  • Co-op Consultations & Creations
  • Webinars, Classes
  • Camp Consultations & Planning
  • Parent Consultations
  • DHSM Events

A trained professional licensed teacher, homeschool co-op creator, homeschool mom who is values all education. I am uniquely positioned to speak from both the homeschool family to the family with the child in school, transitioning from school, or going to school.

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