Meet Sara (Dear Homeschool Mom) was created by Sara Williams. Sara decided to home educate her youngest two children after teaching for over twenty years. Sara is able to provide you with homeschool assistance in the areas of: Assessing, Consultations, Teaching Strategies and a variety of other homeschool resources.

Hi! I’m Sara and I am the creator of

Dear Homeschool Mom (DHSM) is a platform created to debunks myths, educate, illuminate and empowers families of homeschoolers and school-based learners.  No matter your home education philosophy of choice, whether you’re new to homeschooling, a veteran, are bringing your kids home from school, looking to send your child to school, interested in the homeschool experience or need assistance with school-based learners, this is the platform for you. As an administrator, creator of a homeschool co-op and education trainer, I am pleased to be able to provide professional development for educational organizations and parents through in-person and on-line trainings  and consultations.

I am a mom of three and began homeschooling my two youngest children by bringing them home officially to home educate at the end of their first and third-grade. Many people thought I was crazy to leave my teaching career and to leave at the height of my career, but I had to do what was in the best ineterst of my children and that best thing was and continues to be home education.

I am a licensed teacher, administrator, educational consultant and education advocate.  Why Dear Homeschool Mom? Simply because I provide a variety of resources and support not only home educators, but school-based parents and educational organizations.  Embrace the process and celebrate the journey no matter where you are in your educational or professional journey.

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