Rachel Scott (Mother of 7, Founder of Better Than Blended)

  admin   Feb 28, 2017     Comments Off on Rachel Scott (Mother of 7, Founder of Better Than Blended)

Sara Williams has been an amazing support as I prepare my family for future homeschooling. When the idea first came to mind that this may be what my children need, fear and hesitancy immediately came with it. Thankfully, Sara made her services available to me to consult and talk through what homeschooling may look like in MY home and provided me with resources that would help my family transition from private and traditional school to home school. Each consultation with Sara helped to put me at ease and gave me a greater awareness of what to expect in my homeschooling journey. I would encourage anyone considering homeschooling to reach out to Sara as she shares knowledge and encouragement for the future home school parent!


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